Our mission is to inspire children to learn and seek self-improvement; learn to think and be knowledgeable; influence the world with a creative and open mind.

Established in Canada, Inspired Learning Education Group is founded by a group of experienced childhood educators who are passionate about nurturing the next generation. They have extensive experience in developing inspirational learning programs for children at all ages and needs, including children in autism.

The first Inspired Learning Education Centre arrived in Hong Kong in 2016. At Inspired Learning, our learning program is designed for children from as little as toddler, and up to junior high school students. All our programs are developed with not only professional childhood educators, but also certified student behavior analyst. The enriched curriculum features a unique partnership of core subjects, such as Reading and Writing, Math, with Science, including technology and engineering, providing children with the freedom to learn and grow with an unbounded childhood.

Teaching Material:
At Inspired Learning, instead of employing teaching materials developed locally in Hong Kong, we partner with the Carson-Dellosa Publishing Group, which is the leading provider of educational materials in the North America for over 40 years. Our goal is to offer children an opportunity to learn not only in English, but in a Westernized environment and culture. Our materials are widely used in Institutes in North America from Age 1 to Age 18.

我們的使命是激勵孩子們學習和尋求自我成長; 學會思考和增長知識; 以創造性和開放的心態影響世界。

Inspired Learning Education Group 成立於加拿大,由多位資深幼兒教育工作者所創立。他們熱衷培育下一代,憑藉豐富的教育經驗為不同年齡和需要的兒童(包括患有自閉症)制定極具啟發性的學習計劃。

首間 Inspired Learning 幼兒教育中心,在2016年正式登陸香港。中心特意為幼兒至初中的兒童設計整套優質學習課程。所有課程均由專業的兒童教育工作者,以及具認證的學生行為分析人員共同開發。課程內容豐富,有不同核心科目(包括:閱讀和寫作,數學,科學,科技,和工程學) 均衡組合而成,務使兒童可以從自由及無規範學習中得以成長。

我們與香港本地開發的教材不同,我們與北美領先的教育材料供應商 Carson-Dellosa 出版集團合作。Carson-Dellosa 歷止超過40年,專門為不同院校提供優質的教學材料。我們的目標是為兒童提供不僅以英語學習,更可在西方文化中學習的機會。我們的材料廣泛應用於北美從1歲到18歲的不同院校。